kizuna design は、現在準備中です。


The company that operates the online store "KIZUNA DESIGN" is a design firm that designs cafes, restaurants, and hotels.
Female space designers select and sell beautiful Japanese craftsmanship and traditional handicrafts.

Free shipping is usually available.
(Hokkaido and Okinawa areas, glass, stone, large furniture, and chandelier lighting will be charged for shipping.)
We will inform you of the expected delivery date by e-mail after your order is confirmed.

Please note that the product may be temporarily out of stock even if the number of items in stock is shown. If you are in a hurry, please inquire about the stock status beforehand.

オンラインショップ「KIZUNA DESIGN」の運営会社は、カフェやレストラン、ホテル等をデザイン、プロデュースしている設計デザイン事務所です。